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Loli's Philosophy

"Just about anything in this world that's worth doing will kill you, Victor, especially if you're stupid about how you do it."

In the mid-to-late 1950s, a Russian American novelist named Vladimir Nabokov wrote a book called Lolita. The premise of this story is the ever controversial subject of an older man infatuated with a younger girl, and more so in Nabokov's case as the older man also happen to be the girls stepfather. Now, though controversial, this is recognized as one of the prime achievements of the 20th century. Why?

What could a teen girl possible have in common with a man older enough to be her father and vice versa? Five years, ten years, fifteen year difference, legalities not with standing at the moment as in Lolita. Right now, we're referring to two consenting adult.

Scientific reasons, I can't speak of, but as a women, who even as a girl, was attracted to the opposite sex no less then five years my senior, i can let you in on my theories. As the opposite sex gets older they've had the opportunity to either build wealth or a career that will build wealth and stability, they're less emotionally unstable, they'll know more or less what they want , and will quite possibly have the experience to give you what you want. It's really a win, win. Love doesn't have a face. It doesn't see numbers or skin tone, or wrinkles or smooth tight skin. Love is internal, not external.

When the idea of Lolita's Way (a working title) came to me, it was very similar to the original works but it was a step mother and her 18 year old son. Now, your probably looking at the screen like "EWE Lyza!" But as a writer, ideas come to you and over time you work out the detail and by the time it's ready for print, you have the details flowing a little better or the only thing you have from the original thought are the names. Unlike the original Russian literature, all parties in my story were consenting adults.

Needless to say, when this idea first came to me, I was much younger then I am now and though happily married, I had no kids. Then my first born came, a son, a the idea quickly morphed into unrelated siblings. Why the family aspect you ask, because it is usually your family that knows you better then anyone. Your family that understands you, for the most part. They see parts of you that Mary Jane at the bar wouldn't see until trust is built and guards are let down. No worries though, five years later and I had a daughter...the basis of the story changed yet again. I saw scenes here and there and built on it over time, but it wan't until recently that Loli and Victor finally came to me in their full capacity, into character I know know and love.

Keep your eyes peeled for this tale of two people that that are more then comfortable in their own skin and yet curious about life and someone to open mindedly share it with.


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