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My Special Story

I used to hate writing bio's about myself. Yes, hate is a strong word, but it's the truth. Talking about yourself isn't easy, especially since, one, I wasn't really happy with who I was and knew I needed work on so many levels, and two, I didn't feel the need to toot my horn to anyone. Why was I so special that I needed a bio? Then I realized, I AM perfect because I'm flawed...and so are you! So, here's my bio...

​"We are eternally a work in progress!"

The first time I ordered business cards for myself, in the title section it looked like this:


Mother/Crafter/Writer/Wife/Health & Wellness Coach/Entrepreneur...and so much more.

Yes, I even had that last partin there. To me, at the time, that looked great...Wow! Toot, toot! The more I started taking my passion seriously and turning it from hobby to an entrepreneur mind set I developed, the more that "title" looked like I didn't really know who or what I was, who my target audience was & it looked like I wanted recognition for things that are simply who I am, not what I do. Then I started looking into what it meant to build a brand. I may be a Jill of many trades, but I'm driven by serving others. Think about it, I'm a Coach, a Writer, an Organizer, even a crafter. They all result in benefiting others, and THAT is my gratification. I enjoy serving, myself included. I had to be selfish in the discovery of me, but with my help, you don't have to.

By exploring my pages, you can ready why I became a writer, why I became a coach, and why I chose to be an

essential oils distributor. Here, you will find a traditional background snippet of me.


I was born in NY, raised in NC and now call VA home. Raised by a single, strong, determined mother who is one of my best friends and whom my kids absolutely adore. Met and married my high school sweet heart, my other best friend, and we have been together over 20 and counting. I've been 300 lbs., depressed, suicidal, I've had the Gastric Bypass, I've been abused, loved unconditionally, once upon a time I was a CNA, started nail tech training but never finished, a wanna be cosmetologist, I've had miscarriages, I'm blessed with 2 of the most beautiful kids (a boy and a girl), I've been a published author, and so on and so forth.


All of these things are life experiences that has made me who and what I am today. No matter how I feel or felt about them when they occurred, I'd never change one moment of anything I've experienced, some of which you can read more about on the blog.

Hopefully you've read something here about me that will make you want to connect for one reason or another. Living Your Future Everyday (L.Y.F.E.) is a moto I will stand by, teach my kids and help others adapt to. Sure, there will always be a rough day and moments where I feel I just can't give anymore, but I have never been happier and I wouldn't change - build and grow, yes - but never change anything I have and am right now, for the world. Let me help you realize your potential. Let me make that special personal gift that will put a smile on someones face and intern put a smile on yours. More importantly, pick up one of my books and escape your world while you play in mine. 

...and that's


Silk Vault was the original publishing house for Goldie's Trois, which is now Golden


Silk Vault was the original publishing house for Goldie's Trois, which is now Golden

"It was the perfect length, but now I want a book on everyone in the story to see what thier deal is"

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