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Timeless Treasures European Style Bracelet & Charms

Christmas 2013 my adoring husband got me the infamous Pandora© bracelet with their Once Upon A Time charm, a pink stone, a blue stone and 2 clips, which also act as spacers that don’t move. I actually cried. A charm bracelet for a little girl is like planning your wedding, at least for my generation.

Now a days, girls dream of goodness knows what, but that’s a post for another day.

Shortly thereafter, I added Jarod’s© Queen Bee charm, and some other charms from various other vendors. Now be warned, Jarod’s warranty is void if you put anything other than Jarod’s© charms on their bracelet, but I like the versatility of the multitude of other charms out there and the prices they have to offer.

Christmas of 2014, we got our mothers a Timeless Treasures surgical stainless steel European style bracelet and charms. Their bracelet are light weight yet strong. The clasp screw together, no claw or clip can or will snag or break which means it will last a longtime to come. They're flexible and fit, so far, any and all European style charms. Hands down, this is recommended to any party interested in this style charm bracelet on a budget.

As a side note, I wanted to know what made Jarod© come up with the Pandora line and in my search, I found this line, “All women have their individual stories to tell – a personal collection of special moments that makes them who they are. That is why we celebrate these moments. That is why we say these moments are unforgettable." To me, that really says it all.

Charm Bracelets began appearing roughly from around 600-400 BC. They started as forms of warding off evil spirits or bad luck. Then they were worn as symbols of faith by Egyptians, followed by good luck charms into battle by medieval knights and later, Queen Victoria turned it into a fashion statement among European nobles. In 1889 Tiffany & Co© introduced the first mainstream charm bracelet and so a trend was born.

*I did not receive ANY monetary compensation from Jarod©, Pandora© or any of its affiliates or founders nor do I receive monetary compensation from The Knights Treasures, the makers of the Timeless Treasure bracelet."


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