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My Code of Ethics

As your coach; be it in life, relationship, health & wellness or in transitioning, I agree to abide by and follow this code of ethics for you AND for me so that WE can build a strong, professional relationship for the duration of our correlation.



I'll not, knowingly, misrepresent my knowledge or expertise either publicly or privately, and I'll be transparent regarding my education, certifications, and other qualifications. I will not provide information or advice that I don't believe in or that I won't personally follow.



I will honor all agreements with my clients and others, including contracts, scheduling, and assigned tasks to the best of my ability. I will hold all discussions with my clients in the strictest confidence, except where doing so may cause harm to themselves or others.

Following Code


I will not, knowingly, take any monetary, professional or other advantage of any coach or client relationship.

I will conduct myself in accordance with this code of ethics whenever I am engaged in any coaching relationship or capacity.

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